Make Your Life Better Thinking Differently



This message is for you. It’s a timeless message, and it could change your life forever. This message, in its various forms and iterations, has transformed millions of lives before you, and it’ll no doubt transform millions of lives after you.

The question is whether or not you’ll allow it to transform your life. Because it can, and it will, if you let it.

This message isn’t complicated. But you have to let it sink in, and you may want to read it over and over until it becomes a part of you, and then refer back to it whenever you need it.

If you do, there may not be a day that goes by for the rest of your life that you won’t be affected in a positive way by what you read here right now.

So let’s get started.

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The reality you live in is created by your thoughts.

It’s all thought, but you are not your thoughts. Thoughts come and thoughts go, but they are only thoughts, and the only power they have is the power you give them.

Your thoughts create your inner reality, but they’re only thoughts. They’re not real.

What’s around you is real, but whatever you’re thinking at any given moment may not be.

Whatever you’re thinking is only a thought, and nothing more.

As human beings, we can only ever experience our thinking in the moment. All you ever have and all you ever experience is the present moment. Your entire life only ever consists of the present moment, one moment at a time.

You live in a reality that’s created by ‘the feeling of your thinking.’ You live in the feeling of your thinking. What you think creates your feelings, and what you feel creates the reality you experience, moment by moment.

The nature of thought is ever changing, and the world looks different as your thinking changes. New thinking is always possible. Your thinking creates your feelings, and you experience reality based on your own thinking.

Thoughts may seem like they’re coming from the outside world – from somewhere else, a person, or a situation. But they’re coming from your own mind. You create your thoughts, and you can choose to dismiss a thought or dwell on it. The decision is yours, but your experience of reality depends on it. The only power a thought will ever have is the power you choose to give it – nothing more.

No matter your background, no matter what happened to you as a child, and no matter what negative experiences you’ve had throughout your life, all those memories are now only illusions, carried into the present by your own thoughts.

You’ve carried painful memories through time and allowed them to hurt you over and over again. When the memories have arisen in your mind, instead of dismissing them, you’ve allowed them to linger; and those memories have affected your reality day after day, plaguing you and causing unnecessary anguish and misery. But it never has to happen again.

If you can see that your reality is a world of thought, that all the past no longer exists, that all your negative experiences live only in your mind as memories, and that each memory is only a thought; in the moment you realize that, the negative memory will die a sudden death, and you’ll be brought into the present, where the past no longer exists or has any power at all. That’s the importance and power of living in the now and completely letting go of all the painful memories of the past, memories you never have to relive again.

If it’s guilt or shame that troubles you, forgive yourself. Ask forgiveness or make restitution if necessary. But don’t allow your past to affect your present state of mind. If it’s anger over what other people have done to you that troubles you, choose to forgive every time the pain or anger rises up in your mind. For your own well-being, let go of all past offenses. Seek justice if necessary, but let it go – inside.

Realize you have the same value and worth as a human being that you did when you were a child. Choose to believe you have the same innocence, childlike goodness, and ‘innate well-being’ you had as a child. Life may have roughed you up, and you may have made countless mistakes along the way, but you’re the same person you’ve always been, with the same intrinsic value you’ve always had.

Choose to believe you have a sound mind and innate wisdom that can guide you through life, no matter what happens. Realize you’re a member of the human family, with as much innate value and worth as any other human being who’s ever lived. This may be hard to accept, but it’s true. Your value is equal to that of any other human being on earth, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve done; no matter your race or color or intellect or any other factor. You have innate value and worth, and nothing will ever change that, ever.

Consider yourself ‘whole.’ Choose to believe your mind is healed of all past harm, abuse, addictions, and anything else that’s ever affected your mental health since the day you were born. Consider every bad memory as forgotten and gone. The past no longer exists and has no power over you. Painful memories can only harm you if you let them, and bad habits and addictions can be overcome. When your thinking changes, your behavior often follows.

Your body may not be whole, and your brain may have suffered as well, since we are all physical beings subject to injury, damage, and aging. If help for your physical body or mind is needed, seek it. But choose to believe you have the mental wherewithal to carry you through. Believing in your own ‘innate well-being’ goes a long way toward empowering you to live the very best life possible.

For you to achieve, you must first believe. So believe in yourself and your abilities. Move forward confidently in life – toward your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be – the person you know you can be – for yourself, your spouse, your partner, your parents, your children, future children and grandchildren, and the world around you.

Believe in your future, fill your mind with thoughts that will lead you in the direction you want to go, and never allow negativity to control your mind.

Your perception of reality is created by your thoughts. Your emotions and feelings are created by your thoughts. Unless you’re seeing and experiencing something right now, all the thoughts, worries, pain, anger, or other negative emotions that trouble you are all created in your own mind. You can choose to be free from them, one moment at a time.

Even what happens to you in the present has no power to control your thoughts. You can respond to every negative experience by choosing what to think. Your personal reality is created by the thoughts you choose to dwell on, or dismiss.

Every negative feeling is created by a negative thought. If you dismiss the negative thought, and remember “it’s all just thought,” you can live in state of almost constant peace. And if you can accept and even choose to love everything in your life just as it is right now, you can live every day happy and contented, avoiding the stress and anxiety that once consumed you.

Dismiss all negative thoughts as passing illusions, and accept ‘what is.’ Learn to love the life you have. Be grateful for everything in your life, the good and the bad, even if it seems counter-intuitive. Change what is changeable, and keep progressing toward your goals, but accept your present reality and all that cannot be changed, keeping your mind clear of negativity. Escape the depression and misery that afflicts so many others who are unaware that the reality they experience is determined by their own thoughts.

Keep reminding yourself: ”it’s all just thought,” and that negative feelings are created by negative thoughts, and positive feelings are created by positive thoughts.

You have control over your mind, and you’re always only one thought away from inner peace, in the moment.

Nothing from the outside world is needed for you to experience peace and happiness right now. Your feelings and the reality you experience are created by what you choose to think.

When life begins to overwhelm you, when stress, anxiety and fear are taking over, simply ask yourself: “Am I okay in this moment?” “Is my family okay in this moment?” “Can I accept reality in this moment?” If the answer to these questions is yes, then you can go on, reminding yourself, “It’s all just thought, and right now, in this moment, I’m okay.” If the answer is no, then choose to accept reality anyway. Change whatever you can change, improve whatever circumstances you can improve, but accept ‘what is.’

Coming to peace with your present reality eliminates mental suffering. When you accept ‘what is,’ the suffering stops.

Dismiss the negative thoughts, and remember your feelings and the reality you experience are created by your thoughts. Press on courageously, remembering it’s only thought. Whatever’s in your mind, whatever’s creating your feelings – it’s always ‘only thought,’ and nothing more. No matter what happens in your life, what you to choose to think is up to you.

Taking it a step further, in your personal relationships, realize that your experience of every relationship is based on your own thoughts. You may believe a feeling is coming from someone else, perhaps your spouse or partner, but it’s always coming from inside, where you have absolute control over everything you choose to think.

Your feelings and emotions are controlled by your thinking, and you can change the way you see your spouse or partner or anyone else simply by changing your thinking. Learn to see negative feelings toward yourself or anyone else as a warning sign telling you to change your thinking. Stop blaming ‘out there’ for what’s going on inside. Your world will look different as your thinking changes. Other people don’t have to change for you to change the experience of your relationship with them. Your experience of other people is always determined by the way you choose to see and think about them.

From one moment to the next, the way you interpret the actions of those around you will affect the way you see them. If you believe someone is good and kind and loving, you’re likely to see them and their actions as good and kind and loving. But if you allow negative thinking and negative filters to take over, you’ll interpret everything they do in a negative light. You’ll question their motives and assume the worst, disregarding all evidence to the contrary.

How you think about someone at any given moment will always affect the way you see them, for better or worse. In the space of seconds or minutes, you can go from seeing a person as ‘good’ to seeing them as ‘bad,’ simply because of the way your thinking changes. When this happens, the person hasn’t changed, your thinking has.

How you see the people around you and how you feel about the people around you is dependent on your thinking.

The measure of joy you experience in relationships is directly proportional to the realization of where your feelings come from – your own thoughts.

And realizing that negative people in your life are just behaving in line with their negative thinking will give you compassion for them, replacing the anger you once felt.

You have the ability to press ‘reset’ or ‘refresh’ at any time. You can clear your mind and choose to see someone anew, as if you’re seeing them for the very first time, with no baggage from the past being brought into the present. You can choose to remove the negative filters, and see people as they are in the moment; holding nothing from the past against them. You can choose to see the memories of past offenses as only illusions to disregard, lest they hinder your experience of peace, happiness, truly joyful living, and the connection and intimacy of loving relationships.

Forgiveness brings peace, while resentment brings bitterness and ultimately misery.

Since you control your thoughts, you can choose to rid yourself of envy, jealousy, bitterness, and hate. You can choose not to believe lies about yourself or others, not to lie or gossip or cause harm with your words. You can choose to control your words and speak only what is constructive and uplifting, realizing the incredible power your words have on others – for good or for harm.

You can choose to unconditionally love and accept yourself and to unconditionally love and accept others, building them up and not tearing them down. You can choose to be patient and gentle every time you speak. You can answer anger with gentleness, diffusing arguments and fights before they start.

Never forget that the relationship you’re having with yourself, other people, and the world around you is a thought-generated relationship that you can change at any time. When you begin to see your inner world as thought-based, you realize the incredible potential that exists to experience life to the full, unhindered by the negativity that once affected your own quality of life and your most important relationships.

You can choose to live in a world where your thoughts produce feelings of love and happiness, no matter what’s happening in the outside world, and no matter what your spouse, partner, co-workers, friends, parents, or children may be doing or saying at the time. Amazing, effortless relationships are a byproduct of your ‘in here’ manifesting ‘out there.’ You have the power to live in a state of peace, contentment, and happiness – no matter what.

How you experience life, relationships, and the world around you, from this day forward, is completely up to you. It’s all thought, and you have absolute control over what you choose to think – every waking moment, 365 days a year, for the rest of your life. Don’t waste another minute of it dwelling on negative thoughts, anger, worries, unpleasant memories, or on seeing people through negative filters, or sulking over past offenses or regrets. See ‘the suffering you’ as a fiction of your own mind, and mentally separate from it forever. Realize that mental suffering is a choice, and that when you accept ‘what is,’ the suffering stops.

Choose to live every moment with a tranquil mind, a heart filled with love and gratitude, an acceptance of what is unchangeable, an automatic dismissal of all unconstructive negative thoughts, and a desire to make the most of life and every relationship. It’s all thought, so choose to think only the best thoughts. When you begin to think something that causes you pain, anxiety or stress, remind yourself, ‘It’s all just thought’ and watch the thought drift away.

Change your thoughts, and you can change your life. It’s that simple.

And if you want to help others live a life filled with more peace, joy, happiness, and contentment – and a lot less negativity – then please pass it on!   


This essay was derived from and inspired by many sources, particularly certain aspects of a teaching known as the Three Principles, as well as other contemplative, motivational, and self-help teachings. The author/compiler of this essay wishes to remain anonymous. 



It’s All Thought! Make Your Life Better Thinking Differently

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